Attention Google Chrome Users

Google Chrome 42 and newer no longer supports the Java plugin. To determine which version of Chrome you are running, please click here. Previous versions of Google Chrome will continue to support the Java plugin. If you have determined that your version of Chrome no longer supports Java, please try installing another browser, such as Internet Explorer.

Depending on your Computer's operating system, the browsers listed below are supported. If you click the name, you will be directed to a page that will allow you to make sure your version of that browser is the most up to date.

Microsoft Windows Based Computers (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 10)

Apple Macintosh OS X

Resolving Common Questions After Java Update

You may have been prompted to update Java since your last webcast. Please use the following information to update Java and add Data Presenter to the Exceptions List to ensure the slide control tool runs properly.

Remove Older Versions of Java

Java highly recommends removing all older versions of Java from your computer.

The most effective way to remove older versions of Java is to use the Java Uninstall Tool.

Manage the Exception Site List

The exception site list is managed in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel. Java Control Panel can be found on the PC Control Panel.

Java Control Panel

The list is shown in the tab. To add, edit or remove a URL from list, Click Edit Site List and follow the directions shown.

Add a URL

Click on the Edit Site List button.

Edit Site List

Click the Add in the Exception Site List window.


Click in the empty field under Location field to enter the URL.

Select Add

Copy and paste these links (one at a time) in the text box and click Add:

Exceptions Added

Click OK to save the URL that you entered. If you click Cancel, the URLs are not saved.

Click Continue on the Security Warning dialog.

For more information please visit